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Karen Frazier The Easy Anti Inflammatory Diet

Karen Frazier The Easy Anti Inflammatory Diet

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Relieve chronic inflammation with quick, easy recipes that deliver results―fast.You can actually help treat chronic inflammation using the right foods. The Easy Anti Inflammatory Diet makes it simple with no-hassle meals featuring 15 of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients.The Easy Anti Inflammatory Diet is jam-packed with recipes for over 90 straightforward, low-effort dishes. From Spinach Frittatas and Mushroom Pesto Burgers to Shrimp Scampi and Cranberry Compote, all of this book s savory recipes require five or less main ingredients―including at least one of the top inflammation fighters.The Easy Anti Inflammatory Diet includes:The best anti-inflammatory ingredients―Bell peppers, blueberries, salmon, garlic, and more―stock your kitchen with these excellent inflammation fighters.Simple and savory recipes―Make every meal easy with 95 limited-ingredient recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare, cook, and serve.Expert advice and guidelines―Master your anti inflammatory diet with lists of other foods you should (and shouldn t) eat, plus tips for customizing your diet.Sticking to an anti inflammatory diet has never been easier―or tastier.

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Love this book. We looked at numerous books before purchasing to make sure that we did not have to go out and buy all those very expensive items you normally see on inflammation and whole foods style cookbooks. We suffer painful inflammation and we are so happy that many of these recipes are basic and healthy ingredients that you can easily find and/or have already. We like that we don’t have to worry about knowing if what we are making is good for our inflammation and we can vary the ingredients. The recipes taste great – the smoothies are really great too. Can’t stress enough how easy this book is to work with so we are genuinely confused by the person that wrote that it was not. We honestly have never used a cookbook as much as we have this one. Thank you. We promise that we are unbiased customer with no relation or agenda for writing this other than to offer our opinion and appreciation to help someone make a choice on this book.

This book provides a good introduction to anti-inflammatory foods and recipes, but we are little disappointed by a few things, most notably bothered by the fact that some of the recipes use sugar, brown sugar, or powdered sugar. We know dessert is meant to be enjoyed in moderation, but sugar contributes to inflammation and we did not expect to see it in a book about anti-inflammatory dieting and recipes. The author did touch on this at the beginning of the book, we just really wish we would have known before buying it. We really needed a 100% “clean” cookbook and this does not fit our needs. That said, it comes pretty darn close. We can make substitutions as needed. We think this would be a good gift to someone who is experiencing health issues rooted in or aggravated by inflammation who doesn’t know where to start.

The list of ingredients that support immunity, customizing the diet, and the ultimate ant-inflammatory food list were informative and helpful. We appreciate the recipes and will be using them now and in the future.

For those who are just beginning to understand the issues of anti inflammation this book is a great place to start. Contains easy recipes and convenient lists for quick reference.

Great book. Easy and straight forward recipes with attainable ingredients. We have cooked several in just a few weeks. We like the explanations and that because they are simple you can “add” to them if you choose to fit your tastes. Good investment.

We bought this for our brother. He loves all the extra information that comes with it. We are very happy he is changing the way he eats. He just needed to see it in writing.

We love the concise, easy format. The recipes were basic and doable, without fancy hard to find ingredients. We have tried several recipes and they are fast and tasty. Goodbye inflammation. ??.

Simple recipes,readily available ingredients.

This book has great information with excellent recipes.

Terrific cookbook. The recipes are great. Easy to make, with ingredients that are healthy, but that you’re likely to have available already or can readily find in any grocery store. These recipes are totally doable for busy people with lives beyond food prep. Thank goodness. Delicious, appealing, healthful, sensible. The book itself is of nice quality. The lists of foods that are good or bad for fighting inflammation are helpful too.

We bought this book as a starting point for learning about the anti-inflammatory diet, and we are happy that we did. Lots of good info and the recipes are easy and delicious. We would only wish that it had pictures of the meals.

We have tried atleast 10 recipes. All delicious.

Thisis a good book. It had mostly recipes which is nice- we only wish it included a little more information about anti- inflammatory foods but it was definitely worth a read and a book we will keep.

We love this cook book we now understand how inflammation come about. The recipes are simple and very tasty.

Very informative. Easy to read. Thank you.

Put it in our washer and it doesn’t leak any more.

Good information.

This book is filled with lots of tasty , healthy and easy recipes. We really like it.

Love the recipes that we have been working into our diet. Starting to see some improvement in the way we feel.

Love it. We have arthritis for 3 years now. Our doctor told us we should try the anti inflamatory diet. Great for arthritis. I even lose some pounds.

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