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Herbal Powers Paractin Anti-Inflammatory -Vegetarian capsules

Herbal Powers Paractin Anti-Inflammatory -Vegetarian capsules

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Herbal Powers Paractin Anti-Inflammatory -Vegetarian capsules.

  • Nature s most important herbal COX-2 inhibitor*
  • Promotes healthy inflammation response*
  • Promotes healthy joint function*
  • Promotes healthy brain function*
  • Safe, powerful, and effective

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Here are some more information on Herbal Powers Paractin Anti-Inflammatory -Vegetarian capsules.
Natural fast acting and long-lasting relief for minor pain discomfort and stiffness. Clinically proven to promote healthy inflammatory responseVoted Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers by Consumer Health Digest 2005Are you as active as you’d like to be?Walking, Gardening, Dancing, Jogging, Playing golf.Do you feel your physical activities and day to day life has been limited because of pain and stiffness due to occasional overuse and exertion?Herbal Powers announced PARACTIN , an all natural pain reliever that soothes minor pain discomfort in as fast as 30 minutes and help to restore normal brain, joint, and inflammatory response.Don t settle for just getting old and start enjoying your lifestyle with Paractin The patented blend of Bioactive compounds in PARACTIN provides a valuable aid for active people to reduce pain and relieve stiffness due to occasional overuse. When our body is under physical stress, the immune system responds by supplying defensive compounds such as cytokines and interleukins that causes pain and redness. These defensive compounds help protect that part of your body from harm until the stress has passed. But when your body perceives stress that doesn’t need this type of protection, such as with occasional overexertion from everyday activities, then your inflammation can lead to unwanted pain and stiffness. Scientists are also discovering that excess inflammation plays a role in many long-term health imbalances. PARACTIN is a unique natural compound that helps maintain healthy inflammatory response and relieve pain due to occasional overuse. PARACTIN is a natural COX 2 inhibitor that that works immediately without side effects or stomach discomforts. You can benefit from that research today by choosing preventive wellness measures to protect your health today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Herbal Powers Paractin Anti-Inflammatory -Vegetarian capsules.

Question Question 1

How Much Paractin Per Capsule?Recommended Dose?

A serving size is 2 capsules which is 170mg. so 1 capsule would be 85 mg. every 4-8 hours or as needed.

Our Insights:

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We love this as an alternate to medical pain killers. It is more expensive but works. We also use other natural anti inflamatory items but they tend to be expensive. We have not had any side affects.

Great anti inflammatory for our kid love it.

Muy buen producto.

We have found this to be effective in dealing with neuropathy and degenerative disk disease. It is not harsh and causes no side effects. We are not able to tolerate pain relievers. We take two in the morning and two at bedtime. It has definitely been beneficial. , , paractin anti-inflammatory.

This is a very good product. It really helps us with headaches. When we feel one coming on, we take 3 small parctin. It is a great natural anti-inflammatory product that works.

Its works.

Todo bn.

Taken, as directed, this anti-inflammatory has dramatically reduced inflammation and joint painwithout any side effects. But, it is important to take the recommended dose for your weight,and repeat the dose every 4-6 hours, or as needed. We have been taking it for nearly 3 years andhave been able to dramatically reduce our need for pain killers, such as aleve.

A great natural product. We highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing inflammation.

We were surprised how well this worked. We will be buying more.

Excellent thanks.

Muy bueno.

Wasn’t sure it was doing much good until we ran out – then our knee pain flared up again. Ordered again, and pain was much relieved. Like this product and take it with hyaluronic acid.

This is the only product we have found that gives us full relief from our arthritic knee pain. We highly recommend it.

Works fairly well with ginger and tumeric but too expensive.

Great part of our supplements to relieve join pain.

We bought two of these at for almost the price of one that we have been purchasing locally. Paractin taken daily has helped mewith the pain of arthritis.

Execellent substitute for nsaid and other pain relievers. No gastric problems. Will definitely purchase again befor we run out. Thank you.

Has relieved our knee pain.

This has worked very well for us. We started noticing our hip joints and lower back pain lessoned after about 3 days. Our hands sometimes hurt from overuse and that pain has completely diminished. We purchased directly from the company because it was cheaper. Herbal-powers. Com.

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