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Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Inflammation – Control With The Aid Of Herbs

Inflammation is the response of your body or immediate reaction whenever it gets affected by a virus, bacterium, or fungus. This response is associated with the pain, swelling, and possible redness of the area being affected. At times, you might as well experience the discharging of pus from your skin, especially if it is damaged or harmed.

You could control inflammation from causing you adverse effects by considering herbs for remedy. Herbs are known for their anti-inflammatory agents and hose of nutrients, which may even boost your immunity after inflammation therapy.

The few herbs below would certainly help you with the matter:


This is one of the top spices you could try out to get a standard anti-inflammatory agent. It is mostly used in effectively treating auto immune conditions, arthritis, tendonitis, as well as other inflammatory disorders. It is just noted that you should not take this herb if you are pregnant or suffering from bile duct dysfunction and gallstones. The full range of benefits it could offer may take a couple of months to develop.


This herb is recognized for its strong aroma and flavour. It could be helpful in relieving you from inflammation and pain. Most of the time people use it to treat menstrual cramps, cold, headaches, and flu among others. Studies could attest that the solution is effective for it is composed of pharmacological properties that avoid inflammatory response of the body. Check out the 1992 scientific research provided by Odense University in Denmark for a full review of the study.


This popular spice would provide you anti-inflammatory properties with its flavour that could add life to your baked treats. It is an additive that could give you relief from swelling. For its simple application, you may add it to your breakfast cereal, coffee, or tea.


You may use this herb is you want to add flavour to your food and drinks. It is effective in combating ulcer, depression, and fungal infections. It is found to be helpful in activating the pathways of NF-kappa B and STAT-3, which would result in inflammation avoidance.


This easily found herb could also ease your symptoms of arthritis. It is effective in adding a mild flavour if you would just roast its head. It could also be an additive to many dishes due to its savoury flavour.


This herb is fragrant and commonly added to pasta sauces and salads. You would certainly love this herb for it could block the enzymes that cause inflammation. Relatively, it works the way how Ibuprofen and Tylenol work for your body.


This is known for its wide array of health benefits other than its anti-inflammatory properties. It could ease the pain caused by headaches and arthritis. Furthermore, it could also be applicable for your digestive problems.


This herb would give you an Ayurvedic type of medicine, which could get rid of your chronic inflammation. Taking this herb would help you fight away skin rash, stomach pain, and diarrhoea among others.

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