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Amber-Touch Amber Necklace + Bracelet (Unisex) - Anti inFlammatory

Amber-Touch Amber Necklace + Bracelet (Unisex) – Anti inFlammatory

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Amber-Touch Amber Necklace + Bracelet (Unisex) – Anti inFlammatory.

  • CERTIFIED AMBER: All Amber Beads in this necklace are 100% Natural Baltic Amber;
  • POLISHED AMBER: This necklace is made from polished Amber beads
  • Handmade, Safety Knotted Amber Bead, The Best Quality On The Market.
  • Necklace Lenght ~32 cm or ~12.6 inch., Bracelet 14 cm. or 5.5 inch

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Color:MixAmber Necklace + Bracelet

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Amber-Touch Amber Necklace + Bracelet (Unisex) – Anti inFlammatory.

Question Question 1

Is This Polished Or Unpolished?

This is polished necklace

Question Question 2

We Think This Is Not Amber, It S Look Like Plastic To Me. Is The Amber Look Like Plastic??

The one on our son’s wrist Looks plastic. It’s not.we bit it lol

Question Question 3

How Do We Know What Color We Will Br Recieving?

The picture is accurate it is a honey colored

Question Question 4

Would This Fit A 2 1/2 Year Old?

Its tight on our 8 month old

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Amber-Touch Amber Necklace + Bracelet (Unisex) – Anti inFlammatory, these might be useful for better understanding.

Loved this amber teething necklace. Our daughter is 5 months and we figured we would get ahead of the game for her teething. Our almost three year old has a teething necklace and this one looks very similar. Love that the string is knotted between each amber bead so that they do not rub up against one another. It’s the perfect length so that it’s not too loose to get caught on anything else but not too tight to be restricting. The amber itself seems like good quality and beautiful color. We also love the twist clasp so little fingers cannot mess with it. Love the necklace.

We use the amber necklace on ourself. It has done so much for our nephew as far as teething goes. Less drooling. Less irritation from pain on the gums. That we had to give it a try on our neck as we were in a bad accident in 1990. It has reduced the pain enough that we do not need to get messaged or use pain killers as often. Thank you.

Love it.

Our 6 month old cut her 2 bottom teeth and was happy as a clam. No proof this helped, but we are sure not taking it off anytime soon.

Our 3 year old daughter has lyme disease, we purchased this necklace for her and it has helped her legs not hurt as bad.

Love. We get lots of compliments. Our son is working on his 9th tooth at 9 months. This ha saved us.

Worth it. Will purchase again.

It really works.

Bought this for a friend who’s son was started teething, and she hasn’t had a problem since. Tried to remove it for a bath he threw a fit she hasn’t tried since.

Good quality.

Works great.

“this is the real deal. We have heard quite a bit about amber for natural help with teething pain and let us tell you this really really works. Not only with the pain of teething but it helps for drooling as well. We can not write enough good things about this necklace. Its very cute and safe. We love the fact that it is tied between every stone and the stones look like real stones they are unique and beautiful. We couldn’t wait to put it on our one year old right away. It does take time to get into their system, but by the next day you could really tell it was helping. It was a huge change. She was cranky and fussy and now she is back to being our sweet girl. We received this product at a discount in exchange for our honest review. “.

This necklace is the perfect size for a teething toddler. It feels substantial, safe and sturdy while not being too heavy or irritating against delicate baby skin. The quality is nice- the amber itself is quite beautiful, aside from being soothing on budding teeth and gums. The colors are variegated, so the jewelry is visually stimulating for your child as well. A perfect small gift to help a worried mama get through a tough teething time.

We have always been skeptical about this necklace but we decided to give it try and we are glad we did. The necklace is the perfect length, it is loose enough so it doesn t get too tight but at the same time it is short enough that our little one couldn’t chew on it. The necklace is lightweight but very well made. Also it comes with a super cute bag so you can put it away and don’t lose it. We had a positive experience with the necklace and we would recommend it to others moms with children that are teething. We received this for a discounted price for an honest and unbiased review.

This is super cute. We were very curious about this product because we were so afraid of giving medicine. It is strong and has a great clasp so that kids can’t rip it off, and it is soft to the touch so they won’t lay on it wrong and hurt themselves. Definitely don’t leave them alone with it on, it isn’t a collar that will snap off, and it can hurt them if it gets too tight. We prefer it to definitely be on the arm. Right now our daughter is using it as a bracelet and she loves it. We received this at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review.

Well made, good quality and really easy delivery process . We bought amber for its properties of lessening the pain of sensitive teeth which it does very effectively. Beautiful and seems to be relieving our son from his teething pains, very well protected in packaging, great company we will be using you again, thank you.

It seems to work well on our niece when we can get it to stay on her. We would recommend for it to be elasticated to make it easier to put on babies. He ankles are little smaller than the actual width. Awesome. Recommend to every parent with teething baby.

Works great cut down on drooling n she seemed happy happy and looks cute too. See didn’t even know she had something new one she is 6 months old.

We love the product. Our 5 month old son has had 2 teeth break through so far and this necklace has really helped with the crankiness and we are not covered in drool either. We didn’t feel comfortable putting the necklace around his neck so we put it on his ankle instead. It is really nice and beautiful. It does stretch a little and has a clasp that screws. We would definitely buy another one because this has definitely made a difference.

Lovely bracelet bought for our teething daughter. Any chance you make smaller anklets as she is small for her age and it keeps falling off?.

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